Laurie Siegel

Laurie Siegel is a performer and songwriter who was born and raised in the Hudson Valley. Nurtured by the Hudson River folk community from a very young age, Laurie and her brother, Peter began singing together at festivals, rallies and events in their early teens. Later, the siblings formed the folk trio, Harmonious Hogchokers along with their fellow Clearwater crew member, Creek Iversen. True to her Hudson Valley folk and activist roots, Laurie is a long time member of the Walkabout Clearwater Chorus. She was a contributing vocalist on Pete Seeger’s grammy winning CD, “Pete at 89.”

Laurie’s most recent endeavor is as 1/4 of the activist folk quartet, Hudson Valley Sally – a group rooted in the tradition of activist folk music and known for their rich harmonic arrangements. You can check out their upcoming events calendar at (